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Check out this India most iconic heritage, natural beauty, colourful, cultural and spiritual destinations.

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Check out this India most iconic heritage, natural beauty, colourful, cultural and spiritual destinations.

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India- the land of varied cultures and traditions is a sought after world destination that is home to picturesque landscapes, the Mighty Himalayas, the sun-kissed serene, enthralling hilly terrains, magnificent architectures, ravishing desert, exotic natural parks and much more.

India is home to many such natural creations, which are nowhere else found in the world. It is home to the world’s largest and smallest river island. It is home to the world’s only floating post office and floating lake as well. India’s diverse and rich topography is nowhere found in any other country.

The 4,500 years old culture is highly influenced by the Vedic period. India is home to people of diverse religions, castes, creed, and color. There are strong foundations of Hinduism, Mythology, and Literature in the country. The culture of music, dance, and festival is also rich as all the states have their unique culture.

The best time to visit India is from November to March, as a pleasant climate is enjoyed throughout the country.

All the states in India have something unique to offer to its tourists. The north and west are home to magnificent monuments, temples, the Thar Desert, beautiful lakes and the heavenly Kashmir. Northeast is all about picturesque landscapes, waterfalls, mountain peaks, trekking spots and more. South India welcomes you with open arms to its serene islands and beaches.


North India

North India - The land of mighty mountain peaks of the Himalayas, magnificent monuments of the Mughal Era and other popular dynasties, Hindu pilgrimage sites, hill stations, national parks and more. It also boasts of a diverse blend of rich culture and tradition.

The region has a total of 104 national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. It has the highest number of pilgrimage sites of Hinduism. The state of Rajasthan is home to the exquisite forts and palaces of the Rajput Dynasty. North India is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World – The TajMahal.

The region has diverse classical and folk dance forms. Bhangra, Ghoomar, and Bland Pather are popular dance forms of the region. Each state has its own regional style of clothing. North Indian food is highly influenced by the presence of many powerful dynasties during the pre-colonial era especially the Mughal Dynasty.

North India is home to some enthralling trekking trails if the Himalayan Mountain peaks. It is home to the only Desert in India. Delhi and Agra are home to Mughal Era’s historical monuments. Udaipur is home to 7 lake systems and known as the city of lakes. The town of Shimla offers you an opportunity to witness snowfall. The best time to visit North India is in winter from February and March.


South India

South India- the land of hill stations, majestic temples, historical monuments, exotic beaches, luxuriant vegetation and more.Boasting its mountain ranges of Western and Eastern Ghats, South India has emerged as one of the important tourist destinations in India.

South India is home to the largest biodiversity in India. The region has 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is home to the wealthiest temple of the world. The medical side of yoga Ayurveda has traces of origin in the South Indianstate of Kerala.

All the South Indian states are rich in culture and heritage. The region is home to a variety of classical dance forms. Dhosa, Idli, Uttapam are popular ethnic dishes of the region. There is a perfect balance of people of all religions. Tamil, Malayalam, Telegu, Marathi, and Bengali are widely spoken languages.

The best time to visit South India is in winter from December to February.

There are a lot of places for the tourists to explore ranging from hill stations to backwaters, beaches to islands, national parks to pilgrimage sites. Some of the beautiful hill stations are Coorg and Ooty. The Union Territory Puducherry offers a chance to witness the French colonial architecture as it used to be French Colony during the pre-Independence Era.